amy grote  Gina, God gave you an amazing talent and it is wonderful that you share your talent to help others. Ditto, you are amazingly talented and generous!!  6.7.09, 9:27pm

Laurie & Bill Prentice  Gina: We are Crystal's parents; your photos have brought Joyce closer to us than we will probably get the chance to experience......thank you for the beauty of captured her heart, it seems....I hope she sees these one day!  6.6.09, 11:28pm

Julia Adams  Excellent work. Joyce sure is full of joy and You've captured her spirit.  6.5.09, 8:58pm

carrie gillman  gina I cannot believe these photos. seeing them and knowing the story behind them has touched my heart. you continue to amaze me. love ya and your work.  6.4.09, 2:55pm

Dottie  Thank you so much Gina! What wonderful pictures. I spent a great deal of time with Prossy and Innocent from Uganda and you have captured the many faces of them so beautifully.  6.3.09, 2:56pm

bjk  Thanks Gina for giving all of us a special glimpse of these beautiful families! Your work provides a window to the world.  6.2.09, 10:48am

Alisha  These are so WONDERFUL! Ms. Miller, you walk the walk and I'm so proud to call you my friend!  6.2.09, 9:22am

Steph  AWESOME!! Thank you so much,GIna!! I am sending the link to all my Rotary friends!  6.1.09, 11:00pm

Danielle  thank you for these photos! they really tug at my heart. i have to admit, i teared up. so BEAUTIFUL!!!  6.1.09, 10:12pm

angie  amazing. you still amaze me:)  6.1.09, 7:49pm