Big Fan!  Number 22 is one of the best pictures I've ever seen! What a shot! Very cool. That photo belongs on a Postcard.  10.19.09, 12:31pm

Shelley  #17 Beautiful little girl. The picture captured those precious feet.  10.15.09, 8:45pm

Tonya Raby  I would love to get a hold of those little feet! I have never seen any two sisters so beautiful and perfect!  10.15.09, 7:55pm

Danielle  #20 is my fave!!!!!  10.15.09, 5:42pm

Donna Casto  Gina, I will always remember what a great time we had having the girls pictures made. They are beautiful and you do wonderful work. I guess you would know I would pick # 17. I am her Nana and she is beautiful.  10.14.09, 10:15pm

johnda curry   number # 17 is the best!  10.14.09, 9:10pm

Connie Valentine  Loved the picture of #17 , so typical of a child having fun and showing it all over...she is adorable  10.14.09, 8:17pm

Kristin  Thanks Gina, we're honored to be grouped with such wonderful pictures. Go #4!  10.13.09, 3:09pm

Mommy  stokley: what a beautiful antique looking baby.  10.13.09, 2:24pm

Stokley Leininger  #15 love this little boy cute  10.13.09, 10:19am

cheryl clark  what a doll baby!  10.12.09, 9:43am